Sunday, January 9, 2011

Settling into New Orleans

Haven't written in a long time, if anyone is still checking this I still have a pulse. Have been in NOLA now for almost three months. I continue to meet some cool people and have had moderate success here financially. I am ready to up the ante and really put myself out there. The reason I came here was to get work in the motion picture industry and that's what I still aim to do. I have had one gig so far at the SecondLine Stages with an out of town company that featured Jeremy Schockey from the New Orleans Saints. He was in my trailer and liked the food, although he would not eat any of the beets I had roasted. His loss. Some other highlights include:
Working with Beaucoup Juice and Dylan Williams doing festivals and cafe work.
Meeting some key people like Lee and Adam at the O.C. Haley Art Market and talking about setting up a Veggie Oil collective for gathering and filtering veggie oil for fuel. (Big one).

I hope to continue to meet people who are excited about my rig and want to actually hire onto some projects so that I can continue to cook amazing food and help people get on with doing their jobs. Whether it is craft service or catering, I am ready to dazzle and inspire.