Wednesday, May 11, 2011

40 years old??

Wow, you don't look 40. I get that a lot. Don't know why, but I look young enough to not by alcohol in many places. Anyways, 40 seems pretty cool, don't feel any different, but watching my girl grow up sure marks time.

I am happy to have some prospects in New Orleans for work though. That makes me feel much better about 40. Have had two gigs this spring and hopefully another in the pipeline. Then it's the big migration westward for the summer. Not sure if I will take the trailer but it is looking like it because I want to get onto Portlandia and could not do it without the rig. So I may be looking for riders in another month to help drive the beast through Texas and Nevada to Oregon. Leaving the middle of June if anyone has their ears on out there in the blogosphere. Send a shout out.