Thursday, June 16, 2011

Yeah Tucson!!

Rolled into Tucson today after spending the morning going to the colossal cave near town. Was awesome to be underground looking at limestone formations after being in the truck for so long. Three hard days of driving in hot conditions does tucker out a man. In Balmorhea, Texas where we camped in a nice campground, the man said it was 108 that day. Real hot... in the shade. But we made it through Texas!! We have spent approximately $80 on diesel to go about 1500 miles, the rest was veggie oil. Probably about 150 gallons of veg so far. We ran out of the stuff I had packed in the truck, and got a bit from a taco place in El Paso and from a truck stop in Wilcox AZ. At the restaurant they could not believe my truck, they said WHAT?

So, we have about 35 gallons of unfiltered oil, hope to get some more in Tucson, and filter it, hang out a bit, and head for LA this weekend. Picking up two riders who need to get to Portland. It would be impossible to travel with all of the oil you would need, and that's part of the fun is scrapping it from anywhere you can. Johnny coined the term, "That's the price you pay when you don't pay anything" when discussing the time it took to get greasy and get some oil.

It's nice to have a rest day or two, it was hard times rolling through Texas. Ex. Second day there were lots of little hills that slowed us down, and the truck would start to heat up, so we would turn off the A/C and (wait for it) crank the heat up to cool the engine, open all the windows and struggle for a while. Nutty stuff and good times. We rollin'.

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