Friday, October 15, 2010

I MADE IT !!!!!!!!!

Sitting in a coffee shop in New Orleans, 7:40 am local time on friday morning. Getting ready to bust a move on 300 pounds of chicken and many cases of produce, prepping for the blues and BBQ fest this weekend (taj mahal headlining a free concert tomorrow). Crazy.

More crazy that I made it. I was driving yesterday from Baton Rouge and was struck by how far I had come and that I was actually rolling in on schedule and not totally broke from the trip. Only had one fix on the truck, no flat tires and no injuries. Pretty cool for how exposed I felt at times. Met some interesting people on the road, did not linger in any one place to make real close friends, but talked to all kinds of folk (both toothless and not). I will have a more comprehensive tally of fuel usage, but spent roughly $225 on diesel, the rest was veg.

Thanks to all who have followed this journey, videos will follow shortly and will have some commentary along with those shortly, got to grill chicken first. Was really great to see Sophie yesterday, I picked her up from school and she was surprised to see me.

I plan to continue to blog about my experiences in New Orleans for the next little while. I did not get much of a chance to wax poetic on this trip, mostly consumed with rolling down the road. It is a mystery what life will bring now, but I am excited to be here with my baby girl. I am going to light this town up with good food and charm, they won't knw what hit them. There is much low hanging fruit here and I can't wait to get started.

Love to all my Portland posse, greetings to all my new friends in NOLA.

Peace. JR


  1. Congrats, Jay! Woo-hooo!! I was swept up in my own little private Oregon for a few days, hence the late comment . . .

  2. So glad you made it! We can't wait to hear more from New Orleans. Give our love to Sophie!

  3. Yahoo! Happy to know your safe and workin- let us know how its goin' - We've been thinkin' of ya'll - give your little one a birthday squeeze from us!!

    :) The Robinson Circus

  4. Horray!!! You made it! We knew you would. Lots of prayers going your way!! What a fun and exciting reunion with Sophie. Glad you don't waste any time in getting to work. Keep us all posted on your new journey. Would love to have some of that grilled chicken about now. Home is where you make it! Keep blooming where you are planted. Hugs.