Friday, October 8, 2010

Yeah Starbucks

Made it through the wasteland of southern wyoming. Some parts were pretty, but super out there and desolate. Thought I might die when camped out in the middle of nowhere and got slammed by a thunderstorm. The trailer was rocking back and forth, in the midst of lightening strikes in a big metal box, that's livin right there. But I made it to another morning. There have been numerous storms already, and the midwest is still coming. If I see a twister I am going to loose it.

Anyway, I am in Cheyenne now at the starbucks. Glad to get a post in, but sad that the flip camera that Brad lent me says that my computer will not accomodate the software allowing it to store/show all of the video I have taken. Maybe someone can help me on down the road, but I have been excited to show some video of the trip. Sean, any ideas??

Wyoming was windy, and long, but the reward was yesterday when I stumbled upon Vedauwoo. It is a climbing place I have heard of and was awesome to get out of that noisy truck and hike around and climb on some big boulders. Nice sunny afternoon and I camped there last night, another windy night in the trailer. Have not gotten a ton of sleep on this trip due to the storms waking me up in the night. Wonder how the pioneers slept.

Got a lead on a bunch of oil at the Cheyenne regional medical center from Wade's sister Jean here in Cheyenne who makes a killer brisket sandwich at Suite 1901. Heard they make a mean martini too. Sadly, I am waiting for a crane to move away from the oil drums so I can pump it out, but there is at least 50 gallons if I can store that much in my truck. A rough estimate is that I have spent about 150 dollars on diesel, partly because the veggie filter seemed to be clogging in WY, so I burned diesel most of the state, changed the filter right before that killer storm couple nights ago, and got back on veg. in Rawlins, WY. scary switching over to veg because that is not a good place to break down, southern WY. (can you tell I have been traumatized by Wyoming? it's not all buckin' cowboys like the signs say). But I still had almost 20 gallons of oil in jugs in my truck, just unfiltered so could not use it. Probably done 75% of the trip of veg so far.


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  1. Jason:

    Good to hear your road adventures. Keep them coming. In terms of the video challenge, is it because your hard drive is full and you can't load any more. If so, just remove a few videos and that should free up space. There is no other reason I know of you can't add the Flip software. you might double check you are adding the Mac version of that software too.

    Where are you finding yourself this morning?