Sunday, October 10, 2010


Made it to Salina Kansas today. That is where I turn south and head for Wichita and OKC. More than half way and still rolling!! Feels really good to have hit that mark. Looking forward to fixing the step on the trailer and maybe buying one new tire for the trailer as a preventive step. Been in small towns lately and might be weird to be in big cities again. The midwest is a different place, lots of Jesus signs on the highway and real country feel. More when I get the video up and running.


  1. Great to hear you made it thru WY - its a long haul!! We are thinking of you!! Hope you are ridin' toward some sunshine!

  2. Jesus loves me, this I know. For the billboards tell me so!

    It's been great to read about your adventures! I seem to remember buying a big box wrench with you in southern Oregon for Virgil. Some things never change. Don't eat any cattails! ;) Glad you got some climbing in. Keep it fun!


  3. Looking forward to the vids, bro. Let me know if you need help uploading them to Youtube and/or embedding them in a post!


  4. Thinking about you, Jason. Lot's a love flowing from p-town. Yep, if I've taught you anything, it's - keep your head up, stay positive... all that.

    Best of luck on the 2nd half, we're hoping all goes smooth...

  5. So glad you are still rolling along. Also good to read that you slept in a a real bed and had a great shower! We missed out by you not staying with us! Maybe on the way back? Keep smilen and rolling along. Be safe and keep in touch. We are following your blog and on FB.