Wednesday, October 6, 2010


WoW- Southern Wyoming is like walking on the moon. Crazy exposed, windy travel day, 7,000 Feet elevation right now at the Little America Travel Center. Wacky that there is WiFi in the middle of nowhere. Darn weather, windy and getting more stormy as I get closer to the continental divide. I have the feeling, maybe, that it is always windy here anyway, but makes for a little slower going. I feel like one of the pioneers as I travel parts of their route. But then I climb in my trailer with the woodstove and honda generator and I can no longer compare myself to them. Just the same, this is a committing act, this roadtrip. There is no turning back.
The truck got fixed in Idaho in Twin Falls. $500 for a new throttle position sensor. OUCH!!
But she's runnin good now. The veg. system seems to be lagging a bit, so burning diesel now. Could be the filter clogging or could be the altitude, play it safe and contribute to climate change for the moment. Sadly Sean, I did not see evil kenevil's ramp over the snake river, but can imagine that would have been wild to see. Mad props to the Auto Clinic in Twin Falls, thanks Dave for getting me back on the road.

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